What are some of the changes we can expect in camp this summer and what is camp doing to mitigate the risks?

While this summer program will look very different from what our families are used to, we will still operate our camp using our three guiding principles: ‘Safe. Fun. Jewish.’

Obviously a major focus of this summer will be on safety. As things stand now, based on current CDC and American Camp Association guidelines, we will have the following changes:

  • There will be no trips, however we will have exciting onsite entertainment and specialists providing programming for the campers in a "Socially Distanced" approved manner.

  • Each camper will be assigned to a bunk / cohort. They will keep the social distancing regulations from the other bunks / cohorts. We will be limiting the size of each group. As such we may have to turn down campers when we meet the limit.

  • A large part of the camp day will be spent outdoors. We will be putting up additional shade spots.

  • We will not be allowing visitors or parents on to the campus.

  • Parents will not be allowed to accompany their child/children on to campus. The Campers will be picked up by a staff member from the car.

  • Campers and staff will be screened daily for symptoms and temperatures will be taken.

  • There will be an additional waiver that addresses the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • If you, your spouse or other members of your family have a temperature or are sick, we respectfully request that you keep your child home.

Can I Cancel my registration?

While we have always been very flexible in our registration and cancellation policies, due to the extensive planning and organizing that it will take to service the children safely in this new camp model, we are forced to set a deadline for cancellation refunds. If these or any future changes will affect your decision about camp this summer, you can cancel your registration through June 10th. All new registrations will be non-refundable. 

How did you come to this decision?

We spent countless hours combing through the information released by the:

  • American Camp Association, including their ‘Camp Operations Guide Summer 2020;
  • Center for Disease Control;
  • The Los Angeles County Health Department.

 We worked with other local and national camps to identify some best practices to keep our campers and staff as safe as possible. 

Does the county allow this?

The LA County gave permission for day camps to open under the safety guidelines. A few weeks ago, we were given permission to open the Growing Garden, and have already implemented these safety guidelines as put out from the County and CDC, and things are running very smoothly. Camp will run under the same guidelines and safety measures.

Will my child/children have to wear a mask all day?

It is recommended that children 3 years and older wear face coverings. We encourage all campers to wear their mask while indoors, but it will be not be enforced, especially during outside play. All staff will be wearing masks. 

Will my child/children have to socially distance from their peers?

Based on our current guidance, campers within one group/cohort will be allowed to intermingle more closely than 6’, but will still avoid touching and sharing materials.

Will lunch be available?

With the announcement from the LA County allowing Day Camps to open, they included a note that campers should bring their own meals for lunch. Therefore, we will not be providing the hot-lunch option.